Company Overview

Panache Plastic Surgery implements the recent developments in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery for enhancing the body, breast, face, and hair seamlessly. Dr. Azra Ashraf, the board-certified plastic surgeon, aims to help patients look beautiful and feel confident. Her training as well as education has shaped her exclusive approach to fulfil the artistic requirements of the wider base of clientele.


Panache Plastic Surgery did not have any website when it started operating. Without a strong online presence or digital footprint, it failed to reach larger segments of the population. The company wished to create a platform that could make it much more accessible. To make sure it meets all of its comprehensive growth objectives, Panache Plastic Surgery must rely on an agency that had experience addressing needs of multi-location medical groups.

Our Website Design and SEO Approach

  • Website Design
  • Content Production
  • Keyword Research
  • On Page SEO
  • Link building

The Results Speak for Itself

Website Design

We provided Panache Plastic Surgery with a fully functional, user-friendly, and visually appealing website. We made sure to create the website after taking into account the business’s goals, requirements, and expectations into account. The website offers an insight about why Dr. Azra Ashraf is the best board-certified plastic surgeon along with the treatments and special deals one may enjoy at Panache Plastic Surgery.

Rank Improvement

In one year, Panache Plastic Surgery gained top rankings for ten high volume keywords. Panache Plastic Surgery’s organic efforts have outperformed the market average, with their competitors depending on conventional advertising for driving traffic.

SEO Result

We breathed life into the SEO metrics of Panache Plastic Surgery with a well-crafted, multipronged strategy. This involved content marketing, link building, and technical search engine optimization that paved the way for a concrete foundation for growth, which can be replicated easily for brand-new acquisitions. Since the start of the engagement, organic search traffic has increased to a great extent.

Improve Patient Volume with PPC

To improve the continuous SEO efforts and captivate incremental patient volume at an affordable CPA (cost per acquisition), we helped Panache Plastic Surgery to launch diverse paid search campaigns (PPC). As such, the budget is allocated smoothly, on a monthly basis, to remain responsive and adaptive to the trends. With this approach, we can scale Panache Plastic Surgery PPC with negligible efficiency loss.

Google Adwords Result
(June 2020- June 2023)

Total Clicks 5.52 K
Average CPC: $1.08
Conversion: 423
Impression 110K

How Did We Do It?

  • Campaign Consolidation
  • Campaign Structure
  • Dynamic Search Ads
  • Smart Bidding Adoption

Improve Brand Awareness with Social Media

As an ever-evolving business, Panache Plastic Surgery lacked brand awareness in several of its markets, and this obstructed its capacity to drive new patients. Choosing a plastic surgeon is a difficult endeavor and must be undertaken after cautious contemplation. Many touch points are needed before a prospect becomes ready to schedule an appointment. With over 1.82 billion users, Facebook advertising is an amazing technique to build awareness as well as nourish prospective patients.

Social Media Optimization ( June 2020- June 2021)

  • Organic Results
    Facebook Page Reach: 52,472 (334.4% increase)
    Instagram Reach: 5,686 (26.7% increase)
  • Paid Results
    Social Media paid Reach: 68.5K (411% increase)
    Social Media Paid Impression: 111.2K (484.5% increase)

How Did We Do It?

  • Smart Campaign Creation and Optimization
  • Customized Post Designs
  • Usage of Popular and Relatable Hashtags
  • Social Approach

Result: Uniting Several Brands and Positioning the Brands for Growth

We have implemented search engine optimization, paid media, as well as analytics strategies delineated above so that Panache Plastic Surgery could prosper in a seamless manner. As Dr. Azra Ashraf continued to expand, our repeatable marketing framework will be essential for scalability.

Since the start of the engagement, Panache Plastic Surgery has constantly moved up the competitive landscape within a short period.

We are in a position to roll out the marketing framework for the new locations. We also planned to concentrate on enhancing Google’s web vitals scores, mapping keywords, funnel tracking, and developing a SEO dashboard for Ashraf’s entire marketing team to use 24/7. When accompanied by a strong content strategy that includes blogs, podcasts, white papers, etc., the strategy assures to keep Panache Plastic Surgery competitive in paid media and organic search.