Company Overview

Celebrity Ink™ started with a small tattoo studio in Thailand in 2013. Since their inception, we started working with the brand and helped them become the world’s biggest tattoo brand. Presently, the studio operates with 40 studios and counting across 10 countries globally and helps people fulfill their tattoo dream. The studio has several award-winning tattoo artists, and they offer impeccable results to tattoo enthusiasts.


Celebrity Ink™ started small, and it was a big market player in the making. But initially, they lacked a decent appearance in the form of a website. We collaborated with the brand and together made an appealing outlook in the form of a website. The brand then wanted to ensure that they got more popular among its potential target audience. The brand wanted to rely on us in order to look after the extensive marketing for their widespread locations all across the world.

The Approach We Followed

  • Website Design
  • Competitor Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Production
  • On Page SEO
  • Link building

The Results Speak for Us

SEO Result

We breathed life into the SEO metrics of Celebrity Ink™ with a well-crafted, multipronged strategy. This involved content marketing, link building, and technical Search Engine Optimization that paved the way for a concrete foundation for growth, easily replicated for brand-new acquisitions. Since the start of the engagement, organic search traffic has increased to a great extent.

Rank Improvement

In one year, Panache Plastic Surgery gained top rankings for ten high volume keywords.
Panache Plastic Surgery’s organic efforts have outperformed the market average, with their competitors depending on conventional advertising for driving traffic.

The Results Speak for Themselves

We have implemented search engine optimization and analytics strategies delineated above so that Celebrity Ink™ could prosper seamlessly. As the brand continued to expand, our repeatable marketing framework was more focused on making it more scalable.

Since the start of the engagement, Celebrity Ink™ has constantly moved up the competitive landscape within a short period.

We were in a position to roll out the marketing framework for the new locations. We also planned to concentrate on enhancing Google’s web vitals scores, mapping keywords, funnel tracking, and developing an SEO dashboard for the entire marketing team of Celebrity Ink™ to use and check round the clock. When accompanied by a strong content strategy that includes Blogs, Web Blogs, high-quality Guest Posts, etc., the strategy assures to keep Celebrity Ink™ competitive in paid media and organic search.

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